Cutting Edge Technology Assists the Completion of Moda at North Bay Village

North Bay Village, Florida – ZOM enlisted Multivista, a Delray Beach based company, for the photographic documentation of construction of Moda at North Bay Village, a 285-unit luxury apartment complex located at 8000 West Drive that is slated for completion June 2015.

Multivista’s technology provides x-ray vision to the developer, by using digital photography interfaced in construction plans to create real-time documentation of what has been built and when. The photographic record can be viewed 24/7 via web-based platforms.

“The main advantage for us using Multivista has really been about maintaining the highest level of quality control and verification,” said Brett Gelsomino, Development Project Manager at ZOM. “Construction at Moda has been going very well, but if ever we do run into anything, it’s useful having the pictures to see how things were assembled or what’s going on behind the walls without having major delays or expenses associated with tearing things apart.”

The Multivista services offer several benefits to developers by documenting all aspects of the project, it ensures that the developer has pictorial facts in construction litigation cases and assists a construction project if one contractor leaves and another one is called on to complete. The service also means engineers and inspectors don’t have to go between offices and construction sites numerous times to check on details. They can simply access what’s happening via the Internet. 

“Multivista has definitely made my job easier, especially when it comes to photographic reporting”, said Gelsomino.

Providing these services from start to finish, Multivista documents, visually tracks, organizes, and communicates the progression of construction projects through an easy-to-use and highly-efficient online platform.

“Before Multivista, the process of tracking the progression of our construction was much more manual. Aside from the regular architect reports, a ZOM employee or the contractor would snap pictures randomly or as needed. Although these were useful, we had to dig through phones or cameras to find shots, time stamp images, upload, and organize. It just took more time away from other important tasks, “ said Gelsomino.

“When a Multivista photographer comes onsite to take pictures, we are getting hundreds of shots. That was incredibly difficult for us to do on our visits of yesteryear. We were really only taking specific shots so it wasn’t nearly as thorough as compared to the amount of information and pictures we now have access to in the Multivista platform,” explains Gelsomino.

The Multivista platform allows uses to pull up the pictures indexed directly to the CAD drawings, highlight details, browse thumbnails, add comments, and create favorite folders.

“My favorite feature in the Multivista platform is being able to select a few pictures and generate a report with date and time stamps, location markers, and all associated information,” explained Gelsomino. “Either it can show the evolution of one detail over time, or it can show specifics

on an area at a certain time, and then I can print it or email it to anyone involved in the project.”

In a concluding statement, Gelsomino explains why ZOM will continue investing in Multivista, “For ZOM, there is so much value in the Multivista services and platform that we will likely continue to use it for all of our ground-up developments. Simply put, I would rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it. It’s a great tool and resource to document and archive all stages of construction progress, and the documentation remains on file long after project completion.”

Moda at North Bay Village are luxury apartments built in the vision of 1950’s art-deco, with bold geometric motifs and city and water views. Currently open for leasing, Moda completion will be June 2015. For information please contact the leasing office at (305) 397-8857 or visit

Multivista is located in Delray Beach at can be reached at (561) 272-2223, or visit

About Multivista

Multivista South Florida provides photography, webcam, and video services that document every aspect of a construction project to ensure delivery of better-built, better-managed projects. Inspection-grade, digital photography is indexed to architectural plans by date and location preserving a record of the project life-cycle. For the second consecutive year Multivista has been named as one of the 50 most influential construction technology providers by Constructech magazine. Multivista South Florida is located at 277 SE 5th Ave., Delray Beach, FL 33483. Contact Kristi Vick, Owner at (561) 272-2223,, or visit

About ZOM

ZOM was founded in 1977 by Joost P. Zyderveld, a Dutch oil company executive, who targeted Florida for real estate investment opportunities. Based in Orlando, ZOM's initial activities were broad in scope. The company invested in land and developed both single-family residential, as well as commercial, office, and retail projects. The Company's focus on multifamily development commenced in 1990 with several multi-family projects developed in and around Orlando; Throughout the 1990s, ZOM continued to focus on multifamily development in Florida and branched out to other major markets, including the Tampa Bay area, Naples, Miami, Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale. In 2000, ZOM expanded its geographical focus outside of Florida and now has regional development offices in Texas and Washington D.C.

ZOM has grown into one of the most highly regarded multifamily development companies in the United States. ZOM has joint ventured or directly developed over 15,000 apartments, and has garnered over 100 industry awards, including National Multifamily Development Firm of the Year (NAHB) in 1999