Meet 150+ Oncologists in London, UK at the Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy Congress.

New targeted cancer therapies are gaining more traction than traditional cancer therapies mostly because of its direct and isolated action on affected cells unlike chemotherapy which acts on all dividing cells.

Oncologists world over are making new strides focusing on newer methods and research to enhance targeted cancer diagnosis and therapy procedures.

Gathering over 150 oncologists, pathologists, hematologists and researchers across UK and EU, Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy Congress organized by MnM Conferences will look at addressing new age targeted therapies such as:
  • Molecular targeted therapeutics: Focus on drug resistance - Imperial College London
  • Immuno-Oncology: New developments in solid tumor therapy - Celgene
  • Hypoxic micro-environments may be the primary driver of uncontrollable tumor growth -APeX Disease Reserch Institute, USA
  • Molecular targeted drug discovery: From concept to clinic - The British Association for Cancer Research
  • Immunotherapy in lymphoma - King’s College London
  • Developing adoptive cell therapy for cancer: Progress and challenges - University of Manchester

The congress to be held on 03 - 04 September 2015 in London, UK will also look at other topics such as:
  • A golden age of immuno-oncology: How did we get here & where are we going? -GlaxoSmithKline
  • Cancer immunoediting and low-level ionizing radiation therapy - Military Inst. of Hygiene and Epidemiology, Poland
  • Modulating cancer-associated fibroblasts to deter tumour progression - The Institute of Cancer Research, UK
  • Evaluating the IFITM1 receptor signalling pathway as a therapeutic target in human cancer - Edinburgh Cancer Research Centre

This one of a kind congress addressing issues in both diagnosis and therapy will:
  • Feature 20+ case studies on application of new technologies in cancer diagnosis and therapy
  • Give the attendees a chance to interact with 40+ medical experts from global hospitals and research institutes
  • Focus on practical applications of research and technology
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We look forward to seeing you in London!

Warm Regards,

Oliver Smith
Marketing Manager | MnM Conferences