Indoor and Outdoor Renovation Services from Million Dollar Makeovers

[PERTH, March 17, 2014] – Million Dollar Makeovers, the leading complete home renovators in Perth, has introduced additional services to their home renovation packages to offer their clients a comprehensive renovation service inside and out. In addition to their extensive services beginning from design selection and project management, to styling and interior decorating, the company has now included landscaping packages to create outdoor rooms and a more appealing space outside the home.

Cost-effective approach to updating home designs

Instead of relocating, Million Dollar Makeovers suggests a full-service renovation project to their clients hoping to turn their spaces into areas with contemporary appeal. Through home extension, homeowners can maximise their allotted budget for home improvement projects. They would not need to find a new address just to live in a more refreshing environment. This is highly recommended for families who have been staying in their homes for a decade or more. Home extensions are ideal for homeowners who are still undecided whether they need a major home makeover or not.

Increased home value through landscaping

Home makeovers usually involve changes in the interiors only. With Million Dollar Makeovers, clients can also expect their outdoors to turn into a more welcoming area, especially if they are into plants or hosting small get-togethers in their garden. As a complete makeover project, the company’s landscaping project adds value to a home and reduces utility costs. Million Dollar Makeover’s home beautification efforts help their clients achieve a well-landscaped yard worthy of their investments.

About Million Dollar Makeovers

Million Dollar Makeovers is a premier home renovations company in Perth offering design services for residential and commercial properties. With years of experience in the design and renovation industry, the company has gained recognition in the industry and received numerous awards for their unique renovation system that delivers high quality renovations and refurbishments.

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