Evan Guthrie Law Firm Shares Experiences At Law Education Class At Bishop England High School In Charleston, SC

Attorney Evan Guthrie of the Evan Guthrie Law Firm in Charleston, South Carolina spoke to the law education class at Bishop England High School on Tuesday October 15th 2013. Mr. Guthrie spoke about his experiences as a lawyer to the students of the class designed to teach the basics of law as it is applied in everyday life. Law Education is an elective class that teaches the Street Law curriculum and gives students an introduction to legal conceptions and how the law impacts the public. Attorney Guthrie explained what lawyers do for a living, how one becomes a lawyer, what law school is like, what the bar exam entails, what kind of skills it takes to be successful as an attorney, some of the biggest challenges of being part of the law profession, the best parts of being a lawyer, how lawyers are compensated, the many different types of practice areas, and some interesting stories and tales from the legal world.

Mr. Guthrie was able to answer questions from the class that ranged from how one starts their own law firm, how to handle more difficult and challenging cases, how many hours a week a lawyer works typically, and is there ever moments when a lawyer fears for their safety. Attorney Guthrie enjoyed answering the questions from the students and tried to be as direct and straight forward in his answers. The class lasted less than an hour, but Mr. Guthrie was still answering questions when the bell rang.

Attorney Guthrie is a graduate of Bishop England High School and enjoys being able to come back and visit with the current students and teachers in a class that his career allows him to speak and answer questions about. Mr. Guthrie tries to come in and speak to the Law Education class each semester as well as the school’s career day. Attorney Guthrie looks forward to returning to the school many times in the future.

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