Rap artist Ka’Ron announces the release of "We All Know" music video

Los Angeles, CA - March 8, 2016 -- Rapper Ka’Ron has released the music video for his latest single "We All Know." Produced by Big Head, the track is one of the first singles from his new mixtape Tha Autobiography which is slated to debut on April 4th, the birthday of Ka'Ron's deceased father.

"We All Know" is now available on iTunes at The official music video can be viewed on Youtube at

From a very young age, the ambition and lyrical talent of Shreveport, Louisiana native Ka’Ron helped him cultivate his sound and lay the groundwork as a rap artist. A co-founding member of independent music label Tha City of Godz, the young rapper’s latest record is a fresh and flashy club-infused track that reflects Ka’Ron’s rap style. In addition to the forthcoming release of Tha Autobiography, Ka’Ron is also lining up several performances in support of his new tunes. 

About Ka’Ron

Conceived by a teenage mother Ka'Ron had to cope with the absence of his father early losing him to gun violence before he was even old enough to take his first steps. He would instantly become very close and has an unbreakable bond with his grandmother as her first grandchild. Residing in Shreveport, LA - a city small in population but known for its nightlife, casinos, and high-powered club atmosphere with a superb selection of seafood establishments. Since a child his imagination was titanic, very quiet and isolated to himself music and sports were essentially voids to fill his emptiness and an outlet to make an impact on the world he felt his father did not have the chance to do.