Gathering means ESO gold in The Elder Scrolls Online

When it comes to crafting, gathering is an important step to take, and it also plays a large role in the in-game economy. All types of resources, such as herbs, runes, wood, cloth fibers, ore and fish can be gathered by all players from the very beginning of the game. But as players access different zones and level up, only nodes for crafting professions are allowed to gather, in which skill points are placed.

Five crafting professions are in ESO, and the gathering system is categorical: ore nodes for blacksmith, wood for woodcrafter, herbs for alchemist, runes for enchanter, food ingredients for provisioner and cloth fibers and leather (from dead creature enemies) for clothier. Since crafters may need many gathered items to level their professions, players should remember not to pass up nodes unless they are absolutely not needed. Those ESO items made by crafters can be sold for ESO gold too.

It can be beneficial to gather all the items because there is an economy in ESO, and there is a bank and bag space to store those items. But sometimes it is limited while leveling, so always leave some space in your bank and sometimes you have to throw away some of our resources.

When gathering, you should be quick if you really want something. Some nodes are abundant, but some are rare to be farmed. Don’t hesitate when you see any herb, rune or ore, because these are under the largest amount of competition.

By the way, you can specially choose to kill some NPCs which have the ESO items you want, because those items may fall down and then you can gather. It can save some ESO gold when you want to buy them.