Global Executives Survey: The Impact and Influence of Online Retail on the Packaging Industry

“Global Executives Survey: The impact and influence of online retail on the packaging industry” is a new report by Canadean that provides readers with a detailed analysis of the industry's viewpoint about the significance of e-commerce surrounding the supply chain, investment decisions, technological developments and growth prospects within the packaging industry. The report also identifies countries shaping the future of packaging in e-commerce and assesses the impact of online shopping on packaging types and materials over the next three years. 

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Key Findings

  • Packaging suppliers to the Health and Beauty and Food industries need to react now to adapt packaging to the needs of e-commerce
  • E-commerce is the primary force driving renewed interest in operational efficiency, printing, and recycling systems
  • Transit packaging needs to be designed with the consumer in mind; this will place greater emphasis on pack aesthetics
  • E-commerce means packaging companies need to be increasingly attuned to the needs of consumers, as opposed to those of the manufacturer they supply.
This report offers detailed analysis of the current trends related to consumer online shopping and packaging, and highlights the significance of B2B e-commerce systems and their impact on packaging over the last three years. Furthermore, it also provides information about the key countries initiating developments in e-commerce for packaging and their impact on overall packaging supply chain.

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 In particular, it provides an in-depth analysis of the following: 

  • The impact of e-commerce on packaging supplied for product sectors: identifies the industries expecting the most growth in packaging due to the increase in online sales of consumer packaged goods
  • The influence of online shopping on packaging developments: highlights packaging trends that were most influenced over the last three years by growth in consumer online shopping
  • Areas influenced by growing e-commerce: identifies the key areas within the packaging industry that were most affected by growth of e-commerce over the last three years
  • Key countries for packaging developments: highlights the countries that are leading developments in packaging for e-commerce
  • The influence of e-commerce on supply chain and technologies: evaluates the impact of supply chain levels and technologies on e-commerce and packaging
  • Impact of e-commerce on business and packaging types: identifies packaging types that will be affected by the development of e-commerce systems over the next three years.

Reasons To Buy
  • This report will help the user discover which industries are facing the most disruption as a result of growing e-commerce
  • This report will allow users to assess the relevance of packaging trends over the last three years in line with the growth in consumer online shopping. This will help in redesigning packaging, attract consumers, and drive revenues through online sales
  • Information about specific areas within the packaging industry which are most influenced by growing e-commerce in the last three years. This will help users to restructure operations and align business strategy in a better way for the online sales channel
  • Knowledge about countries which are leading developments in packaging for e-commerce. This will help users to focus and identify packaging changes in specific countries and geographies
  • Analysis about the level of influence of supply chain stages in driving e-commerce developments in packaging. For example, executives consider 'consumers', 'brand manufacturers', and 'retailers' to have the highest influence in driving e-commerce developments in packaging. With consumers in the end user role and expecting fast and safe delivery of products from online purchases, companies will increasingly aim to improve operational efficiency and implement Just-in-Time deliveries to boost profitability of online sales
  • Information about which packaging types will be most affected by the development of e-commerce systems over the next three years. This will help users to reorganize future business plans and gain a competitive edge.

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