Blue-Stream Now Offers Maintenance Services for Generators

New Iberia, Louisiana – April 05, 2014 - Blue-Stream Services, the leading solutions providing a host of services and products related to protecting and utility equipments has recently introduced generator maintenance. This surely is heartening news for clients who regularly use the generator rentals from the company. Over the years, the company has tried its best to remain among the front-runners among the rental, service, and maintenance industries. The latest introduction is another step in the same direction.

Blue-Stream maintenance services in the post, generator sales scenario is ideal for facilities having standby units or power backup generation systems. These are generally for dealing with unexpected outage of power, which such facilities simply cannot handle for any length of time. Essential maintenance program from the company signify proper managements related to standby systems of power. This way, facilities can do away with the worries regarding scenarios when their backup system fails to function as expected.

Over the years, the company has made a name for itself through quality utility equipment rentals, such as generator and air conditioner rental, besides a host of other equipments as well. However, in absence of proper maintenance, these units will languish and getting the desired output will not be possible. For example, many times they develop problems related to fuel including buildup of algae in the system, fuel injector clogging, and presence of dead batteries. Routine load testing and maintenance is most crucial to avoid such happenings.

The aim of Blue-Stream Services is to minimize the issues related to generator maintenance and keep them in optimal working conditions at all times. Power outages are extremely debilitating in various commercial and industrial scenarios. Now the availability of regular maintenance from the leaders in the field may offer the much-needed peace of mind to the clients in the coming times.

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Blue-Stream offers portable generator rentals for virtually any application. They offer a wide range of specialized rental generators to meet the needs of the customers. Blue-Stream Services is a leader in both the rental utility equipment and rotating equipment maintenance & service industries. Blue-Stream Services Energy Division has long been a trusted source of service and expertise for the oil & gas industry, both onshore and offshore.

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