Special Commercial Services from Barker-Whittle

[Perth, March 25, 2014] - Barker Whittle, Perth’s commercial painting specialists, continues to help customers with commercial properties achieve premium rents and tenants through their paint applications that are both long lasting and visually appealing. The company has over 27 years of experience in painting commercial buildings. They can work with little disruption to the customer’s everyday operations.

Safety and Convenience

Barker-Whittle understand that continuous operations are important to establishments such as schools, high-rises, government facilities, and shopping centres. The company offers special commercial painting services that deliver quality workmanship, while working around normal operations to keep business moving as smoothly as possible.

Barker-Whittle maintain a high standard in their work by focusing on safety procedures for both painters and customers. The company’s safe work procedures mandate the use of ladders, safety barriers, and scaffolds where appropriate and are designed to cause as little disturbance as possible.

Barker-Whittle can paint both the exterior and interior of commercial buildings after-hours or during weekends, applying special finishes and texture coatings, wallpapers, anti-graffiti coating, repainting and maintenance programs, renovations, and multi-site projects.

Quality and Experience

Barker-Whittle’s commercial painters will assess and plan with the customer to design a custom paint solution. The company uses industry experience to select the appropriate colours and shades, as well as the finishes and products. The company then delivers the designs by using engaging multimodal painting techniques that include rollers, spray guns, and the conventional brush.

Barker-Whittle is a Dulux accredited painter and a member of the Master Painters Association,ensuring the high quality of their work. The company has a workers compensation and public liability insurance plan worth $ 10 million, as well as a 10-year product warranty and a 5-year work warranty.

About Barker-Whittle

Barker-Whittle is one of Perth’s most respected painting contractors. A family business that has been in operation since 1986, the company maintains a steady focus on reliability, service, and fulfillment of customer needs. Every employee of Barker-Whittle is committed to a high standard of quality work that is environmentally friendly, culturally aware, with an added emphasis on safety.

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