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Not many people realize the damage that static energy can cause on electronic devices. It is very crucial to understand that due to the reduced size of the electronic circuits and its pathways, the possibility of static energy damage has increased. With that said, there are now protective packaging techniques and materials used by the electronic industry to prevent damages.

This is where static shielding bag comes into the picture. These bags are very affordable packaging supplies that can guard electronic merchandise from the possible damages done by static charges. These bags are very helpful when packing and shipping Electro Static Discharge Sensitive or ESDS products. Electronic providers and even normal citizens can purchase these bags from a trusted packaging and shipping supplier, such as

Anti-Static Bags: An Overview

Anti static bags or commonly known as a static shielding bag are designed to safely pack precious electronic components which are vulnerable to static discharge. These electronic devices should be protected from electrostatic discharge, static fields, as well as tribocharging which can result from devices rubbing against each other.

If you are on the lookout for anti-static bags, you should first determine what kind of electronic component needs to be packed. Is the device sensitive to static? Can it be placed together with other static-sensitive devices? These questions should be answered before choosing the right static shielding bag. This will help in saving time and money.

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In addition, customers can be assured that the packing and shipping supplies being sold by this company are thoroughly tested and inspected. They also offer different kinds of packaging supplies under different categories. In fact, the company offers a huge selection of more than 5,000 popular packaging supplies, including those that are hard to find; thus, customers will definitely find the correct supplies for a certain application. In addition, the company is always ready to ship orders. Most of the time, if one customer orders a particular item, they are ready to be shipped within the same day as long as the order was placed before one o’clock in the afternoon EST.

So, if you are looking for a supplier of anti-static bags, you should definitely consider getting them from Packaging Supplies. With their high-quality anti-static bags, you are guaranteed that your electronic components and devices will be in good condition during transit and shipping.