The Cultural Roadmap - hr-haven's Business Culture Builder

The Cultural Roadmap

Businesses with a strong sense of purpose and well-defined and aligned culture are almost always the most successful.

Building a successful business culture takes intention and effort.  But, if you’re like most entrepreneurs and business owners, you don’t know where to begin.

You launched your businesses to change the world, but you can’t change the world unless you know where you’re going.

What Do You Do?  

The Cultural Roadmap was developed for companies wanting more from their culture and environment.

  • We conduct in-depth cultural interviews with your employees, management staff and of course the owner or chief in charge of the organization
  • We tabulate our results into quadrants – Service, Clarity, Purpose & People
  • We create a detailed report, listing our recommendations for each quadrant and, provide your business a roadmap of how to achieve cultural greatness

Ready for a culture shift? Our hr-havenites are ready and waiting to create and help build your cultural environment.

Our Pricing

$3,250 from 1-24 Employees
$4,500 from 25-49 Employees
Call us at 913.940.5391 for pricing for more than 50 employees

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