Original Watermen Sells Its 300,000th Board Short to Miami Beach Beach Patrol

Original Watermen is a nationally recognized supplier of lifeguard and action sports apparel to groups throughout the country. Recently, Original Watermen sold its 300,000th pair of board shorts to Miami Beach lifeguard agency.

Original Watermen, located on the web at , has reached some incredible milestones since its trademark inception in 2010, but none have been as exciting as the sale of the 300,000th pair of board shorts to Miami Beach lifeguard agencies. Over the past four years, Original Watermen has grown to supply more than 2,000 lifeguard agencies with quality board shorts and other gear.

The reason for the incredible growth and success of the Original Watermen brand is simple: quality and customer service that is unmatched in the industry. Rather than focusing on the latest fads, Original Watermen has been building a reputation for the highest quality in board shorts, hoodies and other gear.

Lifeguard gear takes a severe beating from sun, sand, surf, chlorine and general wear and tear. Without quality construction, it is impossible to keep lifeguard gear from tearing or ripping with continued use. Original Watermen gear not only looks great but is of such quality construction that it lasts all season or all year. The Original Watermen statement on its board short quality is "Buy it once."

According to Leif Madron, Brand Ambassador for Original Watermen, "There is no need to buy five or six sets of board shorts or other gear per season when you buy quality items. Original Watermen focuses on the very best in quality, comfort and utility for all of our surf and lifeguard products."

About Original Watermen:

In 1984, Ken Miller, a California college student living out of his car, working as a lifeguard himself, began selling boardshorts from the back of a VW bus. Today, his company, Original Watermen, provides quality garments for lifeguards and those who participate in water-based sports. Living out the motto "Earn Your Salt," Ken and Original Watermen support lifeguards and surfers around the globe with quality products.

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