The Perfect Blend of Tangy Sweetness

The popularity of chocolate began so long ago that it is not infused with almost everything. Everything you might be able to think of has a chocolate version whether it be edible things like alcohol, drinks, cupcakes, cookies, or other desserts or even stranger chocolate infusions like car air fresheners, perfume, candles, even chocolate toothpaste. People are always trying to find new innovations to be the next person to discover the best new combination for chocolate. Often paired with nuts or biscuits, chocolate has also been known to be very well combined with other flavors like in a chocolate orange cheesecake. This may sound a bit strange at first but when someone invented Oreo cheesecake years ago, it began a trend of mixing cheese with unconventional flavors, one of which is chocolate.

On the site with ever growing fame, Stage to the Stove, Michaela Brown took on this challenge and ended it successfully with a new recipe to add to the artillery of chocolate desserts. Michaela Brown has created a chocolate orange cheesecake that with take your mouth on a flavor roller coaster ride with sweets, sours, and savories all blended in to one concoction you will need to taste to believe.

Michaela Brown uses her instructional ability at perfectly explaining in lay man’s terms how to exactly achieve this complex blend of flavors. What ingredients to use and how much of them to put in the filling as to not make one or the other overpower in taste. Michaela Brown teaches her audience the way of achieving precise and exact balance for her chocolate orange cheesecake.

As all of her recipes, this one is no exception to the promise of an amazing taste. But with it comes a flavor explosion that will leave you asking for more. This is a recipe for the more daring baker who is willing to play around with flavors and try new things. Chocolate orange cheesecake may not sound appealing now, but it isn’t on Stage to the Stove for nothing. Everything that comes out of Michaela Brown’s kitchen created by her is a new dish will all new great expectations.

Be daring and take a risk; who says you need to leave your house to try new things? You don’t need to bungee jump or ride a bull to try something new; all you need to do is step in to the kitchen with one of Michaela Brown’s recipes, and this one in particular will be nothing like you have ever tried or tasted in your lifetime. Allow yourself the chance at trying something new with this chocolate orange cheesecake from Stage to the Stove. If you’ve tried other recipes from that site, then you’ll know that the outcome is always even better than expected. Trying something new whether with experience or taste, because it isn’t something that comes every day. So make that day, today! Try and experience something new and give this recipe a go as soon as you can!