Dr. Ryan Wyssmann Answers Your Questions About Flu Vaccinations

This month is the start of flu season and it’s important to get vaccinated even if you’re a healthy adult. The people who are most vulnerable to death or serious complications are those over 65 or those under six months old. Despite warnings from the Centers for Disease Control only about half of America got vaccinated last year. You can help protect the most vulnerable in your community and those you love by getting your vaccination now.

Dr. Ryan Wyssmann of Cornwell Pharmacy in Guthrie Oklahoma has answers to some of the most common questions about vaccinations.

Do I Really Need a Flu Vaccine?

The Centers for Disease Control says that if you’re over six months old that you should get a flu vaccine at the start of the flu season (October 1st). Between 3,000 and 40,000 people die every year from complications to the flu and a community that achieves 75% vaccination is well protected from most strains.

Do I Need to Get Vaccinated Every Year?

The flu virus is constantly adapting and changing. The strains that you got vaccinated for last year may be very different than the strains that are around this season. The only way to be safe this year is to get the new vaccine.

How Does the Flu Vaccine Protect Me from the Flu?

Public health officials from around the world work together each spring to identify and create a vaccine for what they predict will be the three or four most common flu strains. If they make the correct predictions the vaccine will be effective for most healthy adults. Even if they don’t nail what strains will become popular, the vaccine will help create antibodies to fight similar strains, so it will still help against the flu.

Can I Get the Flu from the Flu Vaccine?

It’s impossible to get the flu from the inactivated flu shot. The version of the virus used in flu shots is dead. Common side effects of the influenza vaccination are a low-grade fever and some achiness, but that’s pale in comparison to the potential complications you will face if you get the real deal.

How Long Does it Take for the Flu Vaccine to be Effective?

It takes about two weeks for your immune system to respond fully after you’ve had your flu shot.

Is the Flu Vaccine Dangerous?

Some people are concerned about a link between vaccines, or specifically the ingredient thimerosal, and developmental disorders in children. There is no evidence that vaccines cause autism, but if you’re concerned there are alternatives available that do not contain thimerosal. Vaccines are perhaps the greatest scientific advancement in human history and their benefits to our health far outweigh any unsubstantiated concerns.

When Do I Need to Get Vaccinated?

The unofficial start of the flu season is October 1st, so now is the time to get vaccinated to fight the flu all the way through spring.

More Questions?

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