Beautify Your House With Professional Synthetic Landscaping Services Of 1st Impression Lawns


Danville, CA (March 24, 2014) - offers qualified and caring installer servicing in the Bay Area. The company specializing in creating synthetic lawns and greens in your house are providing excellent and affordable services for the customers.

This organization is made off the best experts in manmade landscaping business. They completely understand that there has been a big drought in the California area. As a result to this, lawn maintenance has been highly expensive for the house owners. This is why; the company has been dedicated in eliminating the difficulties of the house owners with their amazing artificial grass services.  According to Jason Webb, the president of the company, “Our goal is to continually strive to remain the Bay Area’s premier synthetic grass installation company. Every day, every project, large or small” has wonderfully introduced the servicing of artificial grass, which is in a way better for the environment as the property owners do not need to waste the water resource by watering them. Added to that, you do not need to dig up the soil or use harmful fertilizers or pesticides with this amazing artificial lawn technique, introduced by the company. The synthetic turf 1st Impression Lawns are incredible in letting you save hundreds of you’re heard earned dollars, as you won’t need to spend on watering or landscaping your property.

Moreover, 1st Impression Lawns in Danville, CA, is dedicated in contributing to the society and the community by contributing their donations to locally based organizations and community groups like,  San Ramon High School, Danville hospital etc.

The professional level of artificial grass installation service of this company, the lawns of their customers highly resembles a real grass filled lawn. In fact people get hard time in differentiating them. Besides that, the annual maintenance of these synthetic lawns is as low as just $15 per square foot! The company offers their incredible outdoor beautification services in the Greater bay area including the whole of East Bay, Contra Costa County, Carmel Valley, The South Bay, Alameda County, Marin and closely located areas.

1st Impression Lawns have been greatly successful in gaining solid customer appreciation for their high quality services. Demy Thomson, a regular customer of the company states, “This organization has done a great job indeed. My backyard is nicely shaded; however the issue I could not resolve was my decaying sod. The great walnut tree that supplied the shade also destroyed the grass. My son has allergies and the beautiful look and feel of Jason's synthetic grass assortments proved to be a beautiful solution to my problems. Not only did I receive a beautiful lawn, an allergy and toxin free space, but I gained a large entertainment area created with pavers, a built-in BBQ and a well utilized fire pit.”

About 1st Impression Lawns:
1st Impression Lawns is an expert company in filling up your lawn area with synthetic grass. They have the team of best of the experts do complete the work. For more information about 1st impression lawns please visit

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