How to Find Compact 18V Cordless Drill

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Compared to 20V cordless drill, the 18V cordless drill is more compact and lightweight. It is designed for the kind of drilling works that don’t need high performance. Compact is the keyword of this product category and this is the most important factor to consider when you are looking for the best one to buy. This type of drill is usually carried along and it will be a great tool for any handyman to make their work more efficient.

Off course you can just simply say that the most compact one is the best 18V cordless drill. There are several important factors you need to consider. The compact drill needs to have ergonomic design so despite the small size you can handle it properly at your hand and will be steady enough while drilling. The ergonomic design must be supported with safety features and easy operation. It ensures you have optimum control while using the drill and prevents possible risk of accident while using it. Other convenience features that would be great are including belt hook, LED light, easy access to replace drill head, and many more. You can compare it from one model to another.

For 18V cordless drill it is much better to choose the model with lithium battery as it offers more battery life and it means longer operation time. The battery charging time is also important to consider that you won’t waste precious time just to wait the battery to be charged. Although it is unlikely, it is also important that the battery is easy to be replaced with the new one in case you need it. Be sure that your drill comes with warranty for machine and parts and it won’t be difficult to find after sales service and repair center near where you live. If there’s another factor left that would the price for the drill.

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