Airwheel: Are You a Low Carbon Traveller?

Nowadays, emergence of various means of transportation undeniably boosts social, technological, political and especially economic exchanges and development. Nevertheless, with continuous advancement of society, people are changing their demands on transports. Airwheel eco-friendly electric scooter advocates a green life style while solving travelling problems and aims at harmony with nature.

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For the past few decades, people used to focus on speed as they hoped to get to another place faster and accomplish whatever they intended to do in limited lives. As of now, Faced with the increasing serious environment pollution, you had better ask yourself: am I a low-carbon traveller? Based on a combination of environmental protection and quality, Airwheel lightweight electric scooter strives to provide consumers with best options in harmony with nature.

Airwheel intelligent electric scooter is an environmentally friendly individual transport powered by imported lithium battery core, so it is emission-free, green, low-carbon and energy-efficient. The battery core in the Airwheel can be recharged for 1800 cycles, with its battery life 3.8 times and service time 2.9 times common lithium batteries. Additionally, it has advantages such as no toxin, no memory effect and no need of long-time charging, being convenient and powerful. Other than that, different models in Airwheel adopt different battery design.

For instance, to keep the SUV performance, Airwheel S5 self-balancing two wheels scooter is equipped with larger battery capacity. However, the larger battery capacity also means the heavier weight of the body, which contradicts the portability. To deal with the issue, Airwheel Z3 and Z5 standing up electric scooters introduce the modular battery design. That is, the battery of Z3 and Z5 foldable electric scooter is placed in external that can be inserted and extracted. You can prepare spare batteries according to your actual demands.

Home to a great variety of intelligent electric scooter, Airwheel enables you to be a low-carbon traveller.

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