500 Home Run Club, LLC Highlights the Home Run Hitters of MLB Baseball History

Baseball fans are always interested in knowing about the exciting details, related to baseball history. Online users have found it a little difficult to identify such a comprehensive site. This is why; 500 Home Run Club®, LLC has come up with a revolutionary platform, which informs the baseball fans about one of the most elite clubs in professional sports, consisting of the most awe-inspiring sluggers in baseball history.

This is reported to be one of the most significant clubs that is endorsed and supports MLB, the National Baseball Hall of Fame and the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. Followers are going to learn about the players who hit 500,600,700 and 800 home runs. It's members consist of Major League Baseball's Top 28 all-time leading home run hitters, as well as other international honorees.

This web based platform delivers exclusive monthly content featuring the Top 28 all-time home run hitters. Each of these MLB legends sketched their names into baseball history books and captured the imagination of different generations of baseball fans by hitting 500 or more home runs. The 500 HRC,LLC represents a virtually unlimited range of uniquely powerful licensing opportunities for product marketers.

Added to all these, this virtual platform presents intricate details on each players baseball achievements and much more. You can also look at the video of the players hitting their 500th home run and for current/active players check out the home run counter from this website, which includes, Barry Bonds (762 HRs), Hank Aaron (755 HRs), Babe Ruth (714 HRs), Willie Mays (660 HRs), Ken Griffey, Jr. (630 HRs), Sammy Sosa (609 HRs), Alex Rodriguez (630 HRs), Frank Robinson (586 HRs), Mark McGwire (583 HRs), Harmon Killebrew (573 HRs), Rafael Palmeiro (569 HRs) and a lot more.

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About 500 Home Run Club®
500 Home Run Club® is a web based platform delivers exclusive monthly content featuring the Top 28 all-time home run hitters.

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