Jennifer Shearin Group: Mobile Wellness Coaching Available In Coronado

Holistic health and wellness care are growing industries preparing people for living longer and healthier lives. According to the World Health Organization, the average life expectancy in the United States is 79.8 and continues to rise. There are many studies directly linking lifestyle and quality of life to healthy living habits. When one manages their health habits, the quality of life improves, increasing the function of all the bodily systems and decreasing discomfort. Wellness coaching is all about helping people take control of their health habits, which can result in reducing medications, along with reducing pain and discomfort in the body. Controlling health habits also reduces mental health problems resulting in less emotional and physical pain. The mind, body and spirit connection is fundamental to holistic health and wellness, with the goal to enhance the natural healing process in the body to create balance.

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Within the wellness care field there are many practices which can be confusing when navigating different treatment modalities. There is holistic, naturopathic, Ayurveda, energy and integrative medicine. Most holistic healing programs in schools offer a combination of body work, energy healing, nutritional healing, acupuncture, chiropractic, lifestyle management and herbs/essential oils. All these modalities agree on the guiding principles to treat patients in the following way:

• Do no harm

• treat the whole person

• preventative medicine

• doctor as a teacher

• find the cause

• use healing powers of nature

• foster health and prevent illness

• promote the highest level of functioning and balance

• use the healing power of love

• integrate healing systems

• relationship centered care

• individuality

• teach by example

Wellness coaching uses a combination of these practices, while working with the client and their primary care physician to ensure safety for the client and to have the most effective outcome. Clients may be referred to massage therapy, acupuncture, nutritionist or chiropractic as part of the treatment plan. The wellness coach serves as a coordinator, moral support, educator and a way to be accountable for health goals. Activities with the wellness coach could include healthy shopping outings, exercise outings, locating resources and tracking goals. The comfort of the client is the most important factor in the process moving at a pace desirable for the client. Matching the client’s process of change is crucial to avoid pushing or advancing too quickly for client comfort.

Client confidentiality is extremely important and all information obtained in wellness coaching sessions is completely confidential and will not be shared with anyone without prior written consent. Mobile services are available to Coronado and Imperial Beach for sessions in home or in the community. Call Amy Schmidt at 619-737-9118 or email at for information regarding appointments or intakes for the group. Take control of your health today.

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