Gigastone Secures Rights to Distribute PhotoFast in the USA

Press Release    Aug 5, 2015

Gigastone Secures Rights to Distribute PhotoFast in the USA Gigastone becomes primary distributor of all Photofast products in the US and Americas

LOS ANGELES, Calif – Aug 5, 2015 Gigastone the Leading Global Mobile Technology Accessory Brand today announced that it has secured the rights to distribute PhotoFast products in the USA & the Americas. Michel Hassan, President of Gigastone, commented, “Gigastone is the premier global mobile accessory brand. We have been focusing at our Apple product range and the inclusion of the PhotoFast product, now places Gigastone up front and central in this category.” He further commented, “With the inclusion of the PhotoFast products, Gigastone now has a spectacular Apple certified MFi (Made for iPhone/iPad) Thumb Drive range, supported by batteries, cables and an assortment of additional Apple specific mobile accessories.” 

Gigastone focuses at delivering cost effective and high quality mobile technology accessories and has been distributing mobile technology in the Americas for nearly 20 years. PhotoFast introduced its first iFlashDrive nearly a decade ago. Its latest offering, the Gigastone PhotoFast MAX U3 product, is the leader in its class. Not only is it the worlds smallest and lightest USB 3.0 iFlashDrive, its amazing form factor, performance and free IOS software it comes with, are streets ahead of any of the competition.

A convenient and slim 5.1 by 0.7 cm, and weighing in at a mere 9.5 grams, the MAX U3 delivers across the board. On the one side it has a USB adapter and on the other an Apple approved MFi lightning adapter. Simply plug the unit into your iPhone or iPad, the PhotoFast unit automatically backs up all your important data from your iDevice. Then plug the unit into any computer with a USB port and have simple and easy access to your all your iPad or iPhone data.

The Gigastone PhotoFast Max U3 as well as Gigastone’s other Apple approved MFi products, are available at Amazon as well as the other major BigBox stores throughout the USA and Canada.

These amazing iPhone/iPad Thumb Drives are available in 32Gig, 64Gig and 128Gig configurations in a number of configurations tailored for all users, delivering unprecedented extension of memory and access to data. Michael Wang, Chairman of Gigastone Corporation in Taiwan said, “Gigastone prides itself at delivering quality product at an affordable price. Unlike some of our competitors, our entire iPhone and iPad range is Apple Mfi certified. This product is unique and the demand to date has been phenomenal. We are extremely proud to partner with PhotoFast and join our good names to deliver an amazing product to the US market.” 

There have been a number of extremely positive reviews. A recent i Lounge Review hails the Gigastone Photofast product as providing, “a compact but highly portable solution for keeping your extra files handy on the go. The device is available in 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB capacities with USB 3.0” the article goes on to applaud the product, “ i FlashDrive MAX is one of the more full featured options we’ve seen for adding external storage to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, with an app that delivers quite a bit more than simply facilitating basic file and photo transfer, as well as security features that are definitely compelling if you’re concerned about carrying around any personal data”.

Lyle Smith from recently commented, “The PhotoFast iFlashDrive Max does exactly what it is intended to do, which is offer consumers with a USB 3.0/Lightning flash drive to transfer files to and from newer iPhone and iPad Air devices to any workstation with a USB connection.” He concludes with the following words, “PhotoFast iFlashDrive Max is an ideal accessory for iOS users looking for backup/restoration features and additional storage.”

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About Gigastone

Gigastone is the leading global mobile accessory brand, specializing in state of the art, high end mobile peripherals and technology. For close to two decades, Gigastone has been distributing technology to all the major big-box stores and e-tailers. Gigastone has leveraged its engineering, manufacturing and quality control skills in Taiwan to drive world class production and deliver quality product. A uniquely positioned company, poised to continue to grow and maintain its leadership in the fast paced consumer electronics space. Gigastone currently has eight major offices around the globe; Taiwan, USA, Japan, Korea, France, and China, with distributors in Asia, the Americas, and Europe. Notable distributors include Walmart, Costco, Target, Best Buy and Amazon in the USA. Guo Mei and in China and EMart in Korea. Gigastone continues to launch world class mobile peripherals constantly diversifying its product range to meet consumer demand. This customer focus is the key to the ongoing Gigastone global success.

About PhotoFast

PhotoFast , a smart accessory company based in Taiwan, has been recognized globally since its establishment in 2003. Available around the world, PhotoFast's storage solutions and mobile accessories have been praised by key industry influencers for their innovation, design and convenience. In 2009, PhotoFast became a member of the Apple MFi program and has been developing world renowned Apple products ever since. The company's products are sold in over 50 countries and undergo extreme research and development prior to manufacturing, ensuring only the absolute highest quality tech accessories reach consumers worldwide. Pioneers of the consumer electronics market, PhotoFast continues to produce exceptional quality gadgets and break new ground in the technology industry.