Vacuum casting has more obviously advantages than the traditional casting method

China - As the high standard and requirement of some industrial areas, the making of the related industrial molds should have very strictly requirements. In that case, the application of vacuum casting becomes more and more widely used in these areas. Some people should have related puzzles about what is vacuum casting and does this sort of casting have better featured advantages than the traditional casting methods? Today, the engineer from the famous rapid prototyping service and vacuum casting service supplier will help these people solve their problems.

The vacuum casting refers to that people inject the molten steel melted in the atmosphere into the ingot mold of the professional vacuum chamber and then the molten steel will be casted into ingots. So, this method could be also called the vacuum ingot. For the details of the operation of this method, the operator should firstly put the vacuum die in the specialized vacuum chamber and then the atmospheric pressure should be reduced to 133Pa. After the above process, the liquid plastic material will be poured into the model with a vacuum injecting device and then these liquid materials will be vulcanized into related shape of products.

Furthermore, there are also many featured advantages of this industrial casting method. Now, these advantages have been listed as following.

First, the rapid prototyping services will not easy entrain the unnecessary air which will largely affect the totally quality of the product. So, this casting method could be sued for producing the products which have higher quality requirements than other normally products.

Secondly, this featured casting method of production should be one kind of interrupted working method. It could be better applied into the production and molds which have less bulk and more varieties of shade and appearance. If people want to make mass producing goods, this method is not suitable.

At here, people should have briefly understanding about the working principle and advantages of the vacuum casting . In addition to the vacuum casting, there are also another related workmanship such as the vacuum centrifugal casting which integrated into the strong points of vacuum casting method and the traditional centrifugal casting.

For more information about the vacuum casting, the specialized engineer from will fully tell people the information they want.

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