New Development for Marine Anchor and Anchor Chain

In 2014, the shipping industry are expected to being recover from gloom market in the past several years, which attribute to revive and steady growth of global economy, the orders from new ship building is increasing this year. Jinbo Marine, China quality marine supplier, see the opportunity of new potential market for marine anchor and anchor chain.

Marine anchor and anchor chain are widely used in marine mooring system. Based on the characteristics such as fluke area, shank, stabilizers, we classify the anchor types as stockless anchor, high holding power anchor, offshore anchor etc. To allow a rough comparison of anchor type efficiency, holding power to weight ratio is used.

Class A: Efficiency range from 33-35, such as MK3 Anchor, MK5 Anchor, MK6 Anchor, and Bruce FFTS Anchor.

Class B: Efficiency range from 17 to25, elbowed shank allowing for improved penetration.

Class C: Efficiency range from 14 to 16, anchors with open crown hinge near the center of gravity and relatively short shank and stabilizers or built-in stabilizers, Delta Flipper Anchor is one of this anchor.

Class D: Efficiency range from 8 to 15, anchors with hinge and stabilizers at the rear and relatively long shanks and stabilizers, such as Danforth anchor, LWT Anchor, Moorfast-stato-offdrill anchor.

Class E: Efficiency range from 8 to 11, anchors with very short, thick stabilizers, hinge at the rear and a relatively short, more or less square-shaped shank. Such as AC-14 HHP Anchor.

Class F: Efficiency range from 4 to 6, square shank, no stock stabilizers, such as US Navy Stockless Anchor, Byes Anchor, Union Anchor, and SPEK Anchor.
Class G: Efficiency range bellow 6

Anchor Chain connect with anchors for mooring, when we talk about the anchor chain, anchor chain is better than synthetic ropes and wire ropes on Breaking Load, but the shortcoming is heavier for chains.

There are grade 2 and grade 3 for anchor chains, R3, R3S, R4, R4S and R5 Grade for mooring chains. Ether anchor chain or mooring chain, we can classify as stud link or studless link (Open Link), size range from 12.5mm to 162mm.

For both Anchor and Anchor Chains, Jinbo Marine can deliver the goods fast to your site, of course, ABS, LR, BV, GL, DNV, NK, RINA, KR, NK and CCS can be provided, at the same time, Jinbo Marine is china quality marine supplier, it can provide the safety and quality Anchor and Chain. For more details, please got our web

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