iPhone 6 will soon be listed : larger and thinner still more expensive ?

Apple iPhone 6 is coming soon, fruit powder all over the world are highly anticipated , also various rumors iPhone6 ​​waves .

“Next” to sort out a few recent mainstream industry speculation, fruit powder offer a ” rumor ” feast .


Published on Published guess there are two : May to September .
Posted 6 For iPhone rumors from May 2014 to September has been rumored vary. However , nine calendar of the year to all Apple debut their latest products traditional time .

But ” Electronic Times ” speculation that Apple will launch a new generation of iPhone in May 2014 .

Selling price

Speculation about the price of the main two: one is starting with 5S , like the other is to raise $ 100 starting price on 5S .
Since the touch screen becomes larger and bring increased costs , the industry is likely to increase sales of Apple’s rumored iPhone 6.

U.S. investment bank analyst said on April 14 that Apple is negotiating with mobile operators , hoping the next generation of smart phones iPhone price raise $ 100 6 . $ 100 , if not improve , or at least raise part .

Model Size

Speculation about the size of two main models : 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches.
Industry generally predicted that Apple will launch two 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches large screen iPhone 6 models in September this year , the resolution is 1334 * 750 , respectively, and 1920 * 1080 .

Now Skynet exposure of iPhone 6 design drawings and molds, and seemed to be taking a step forward to increase the credibility of this rumor .
No matter which one , iPhone 6 than the current model 4-inch iPhone 5s big screen .


Speculation about the thickness of the main two: one is thinner 6mm, and the other is 7.6mm ( with 5s as unchanged ) .
In the spring of 2014, Global Sources Electronics Show , a Taiwanese plastic mold company official, Apple’s future in the thickness of the new machine will be about 5.8 mm , at least 6 mm in order , but also show the so-called “iPhone 6″ plastic mold and displays the phone thickness was significantly thinner.


Speculation about the two main processors : A7 and A8 processor processor .
KGI Securities analyst at market research firm , said the Kuo Ming- Chi , iPhone 6 will be configured A8 chip , a significant improvement over the 5S.

However, the ” Electronic Times” said , iPhone 6 will be powered by a 20 nm processor , this processor from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company to undertake the production, but in the end is now A7 processor process technology improvements , or use the new A8 processor there is no exact information .

No matter which , iPhone 6 processors will use more advanced 20 nm process .

Largan rumored Apple will supply 16 million pixel camera .

But analysts at Nomura Securities , said , iPhone 6 will be equipped with the same current iPhone 5s 8MP camera, but the new camera will have some small upgrades that increase OIS optical image stabilization feature .

New features

” Wall Street Journal ” reported that Apple paid earlier this year applied for a patent relating to technology and mobile , and this is closely related to patents and NFC technology .

Speculation about the two main camera : 8,000,000 and 16 million pixel camera .
Therefore, as a mature development of NFC technology , the industry boldly predicted Apple will increase iPhone 6 will feature NFC.


Speculation about the name of the main two : iPhone 6 and iPhone Air.
According to news sources, the next iPhone will not be called the iPhone 6, but in the iPhone Air name instead.

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