IT Managed Services Veteran David Jordan Brings Diversified “Superpower” And Support To The San Francisco Bay Area

His Pacific Computer Consultants Is The Area’s Go-To Company For IT Support Services, Information Security Services, Legal Tech Services, Cloud Based IT Solutions, Data Backup and Recovery

            San Francisco, CA – October 2, 2015 - In the mid-2000s, several years into his stint as a Senior IT consultant for a prominent Bay Area company, David Jordan realized that the industry dynamic was changing from a by-the-hour hired gun system to a more holistic managed services approach to support business networks. He submitted a proposal to his bosses that included the now standard concept of a flat lower cost fee for IT support, but they turned him down.

            Jordan, envisioning a bright future for IT based on the new model, had already soft launched Pacific Computer Consultants and was running a small consulting business. The disagreement with corporate led the ten year industry veteran - whose impressive resume included prominent stints at Chevron– to leave his position and make his business a full time endeavor.

            Over the past eleven years, the Pleasant Hill, CA based PCC has evolved from a small one person “lifestyle business” into a full service, fast evolving firm that is now the Bay Area’s go-to company for full IT support. Finding early niches in the legal market and the tight knit community of credit unions, Jordan now provides a wide range of business IT services for a large variety of industries, including computer support systems, information security services, legal technology services, Cloud based IT services and data backup and disaster recovery solutions.

Branding PCC as an outsourced IT company “who takes responsibility for everything IT,” Jordan and his team are dedicated to ensuring that computer issues never appear in the first place – a far cry from the typical troubleshooting IT concept of fixing computers when they break.

Fully acknowledging that choosing the right IT service provider can be an overwhelming task, Jordan details a variety of key selling points that he believes make PCC the best network and telecom support partner available. Chief among these is simple pricing – charging a single monthly subscription for all network management and problem resolution.

Other important elements include the ability to perform over 95% of IT Support remotely (eliminating the need for an expensive onsite engineer); rapid response; emergency onsite support when necessary (some support plans include emergency onsite support at no additional cost); and, of course, superb technology. PCC’s technical expertise extends to choosing and investing in the highest end support and security management systems specifically for the needs of small and growing businesses. PCC also offers a free network health check, a 108-point problem prevention network audit that has helped countless Bay Area businesses eliminate system problems permanently.

While most IT firms boast generally about having great people and an efficient process, Jordan believes that two things set PCC apart and give them their “superpower”; at the start of a list of “18 Things We Do Better,” in fact, he says that “every superhero has a strategy.” One is going in with specific tracking metrics; the other is making sure there is a tech alignment to standards and procedures, reviewed on a quarterly basis.

Jordan boasts another “superpower” for clients involving his high-level information security credentials. For the past few years, he has been adding this education and experience in network and application penetration testing and vulnerability assessment and management to his list of specialized services. His Information Security specialties include Network Penetration Testing using many open source tools including Metasploit Framework and Back Track Linux. In addition to the core small business clientele at PCC, he has the training to take a deeper look at information security for businesses with 200-1000 users. He works with many banks and credit unions on security related projects.

 “Everything goes back to education for me,” he adds, “and I have developed a unique ability to translate ‘technobabble’ into business talk and bridge the worlds so that people can understand. I’ve always had a good feeling when I am helping people using my knowledge and expertise. On the business side, as far as developing my entrepreneurial skills, I am indebted to my Mastermind group that has helped me solve numerous problems and overcome many roadblocks on my way to making PCC a still growing success story.” 


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