Advanced Water Filters Announces Health Benefits

Scottsdale, Arizona - Advanced Water Filters, a company specializing in water filtrations systems, recently announced the health benefits associated with filtered water. Through the reverse osmosis process, up to 98% of harmful chemicals are removed from the water, including such toxins as arsenic and lead. Many states are experiencing higher levels of microbiological, radioactive, inorganic, and organic chemicals in public drinking water. Advanced Water Filters offers a variety of filtration systems that can purify and clean drinking and whole house water.

Filters provide water that smells and tastes better by removing bacteria and chlorine from the water. Recent health studies have shown that filtered water can significantly reduce health risks like bladder, colon, and rectal cancer. These diseases are typically caused by chlorine in drinking water.

Advanced Water Filters line of products includes carbon water filters. This type of system can remove hazardous contaminants without removing the healthy deposits of minerals. This keeps the pH levels of drinking water balanced. In addition, using a water filter from Advanced Water Filters lowers the risk of gastrointestinal diseases.

Clean, healthy water is especially important for households with young children. A child's immune system is still developing and filtered water helps to keep that immune system robust and resilient.

Advanced Water Filters can help customers select the right system. The company proclaims the best whole house water filters. Learn more about this line of products at

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