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Nevada, April 8th, 2014: I couldn't imagine not having clean water, says Chris Tucker. However, for many, the thought of having clean water to consume remains but a dream. There are a lot of factors that might contribute to this, but human efforts to make this dream come true have definitely come a long way.

One such organization that has taken a significant step towards realizing this dream is Water Liberty, and they do so by having realized a “Miracle Mineral” – Black Mica. In the founder’s own words,” I started to share the years of research that I have accumulated about the dirty water crisis that we all face. But I also wanted to share an amazing solution that I discovered along my journey. It's called Black Mica, and it is truly a Miracle Mineral.”

Adya Clarity is the product that is the result of extensive research and analysis done by Water Liberty. It is a solution that can remove the chemicals such as fluoride, lead, mercury which are hiding in drinking water. There have been many reported benefits of using Adya Clarity. Let us look at some of them.

It removes harmful chemicals and more than 80 volatile compounds, resulting in clean water. There is 100% reduction on chlorine and fluorine. Heavy metals like lead, aluminum, mercury and arsenic in water are completely removed. Adya Clarity can convert toxic chromium-6 in water to beneficial chromium-3, which is an essential dietary element. It prevents the growth of and kills four kinds of disease causing micro-organisms. Apart from removing all of these harmful and sometimes fatal chemicals and metals, Adya clarity adds close to a 100 trace minerals to the water, which can be easily absorbed by the body and are essential.

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About Adya Clarity:

Adya Clarity is an all-natural health solution that provides clean, great-tasting and mineral rich water. It is a solution of purified water and sulfate minerals, extracted from black mica, a powerful combination of earth′s naturally occurring minerals. Adya Clarity is a natural health product licensed by Health Canada. Cleansing of water happens in three major stages, namely purification of water, formation of stable and balanced minerals and enhancement of water structure.


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