The Christian Social Network LAUNCHES “Miracle Mondays” A National Campaign to assist America’s Families in Need!

June, 2014 David Knight, Founder of the Christian Social Network, will
launch Miracle Mondays in an effort to assist struggling families worldwide, 
one step at a time. Helping others has always been important to Knight. As 
a result of his passion and commitment to community uplifting, every 
Monday, he and the Christian Social Network will help a family in 
need. The monetary contribution will be given in the form of a check, 
money order, or a gift card, leaving each family the opportunity to use their 
blessing as they see fit. “It is important that we teach our community that 
everyone deserves hope.” said Knight. June 16th kicks off our National 
To anonymously nominate a family, an individual must log on to , click on “Miracle Monday’s” from the menu bar and follow 
the prompts. The individual must explain what adversities they witnessed 
the nominated family to have and why the family should be chosen for 
Miracle Monday’s. If the family is not selected the individual can continue 
to nominate the family weekly until they are chosen by a group of Christian 
Social Network Supporters. 
Please listen to David Knight every Monday on AAE blog talk radio or call in at 347-945-7991, between 
7:00 am and 8:00 am (est) to see if the family you have nominated is 
chosen as the Christian Social Network’s Miracle Mondays family. The 
winning family will also be announced on our Twitter page @mycsnorg and 
our Facebook page which is Christian Social Network – CSN