3GP to AVI now in 2 simple steps

There was a point in time when conversion software was not the friendliest in terms of usability and function. Users had to possess a great amount of technical knowledge, study the file type and also invest time and effort in going through a number of steps to achieve what they needed. Today, all this is condensed to 2 easy steps thanks to the new 3GP to AVI Converter . This cool new software was released in the market last week and is already on the roll!

Watching videos and listening to audio files is a very common thing to do. Phone as well as tablet users do this day in day out so much so that a big part of their routine involves this exercise. For such users, it is very important to have conversion platform that allows for quick and efficient conversion while giving the advantage of versatility.

The 3GP to AVI converter does exactly this. All the user has to do is select the file that needs conversion and then specify the destination path, that’s all! With these two simple steps, the conversion is commenced. Also, this converter is among the few converters out there that lets the user enjoy the benefits of using an AVI file format.

It is common knowledge that AVI files are the most compatible with a wide variety of media players therefore, making this file format the most desirable to have. The converter extends this benefit to the user. And, to launch the 3GP to AVI conversion, the user does not have to possess any additional technical knowledge. Just about anyone can use this program and benefit a ton from it. To know more, log onto

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