Anti-Graffiti Films from Cleargard Australia

Cleargard Australia, a trusted provider of glass protection, now offers high-quality anti-graffiti films. This is part of their commitment to help home and commercial property owners preserve the most vulnerable parts of their properties.

[PERTH, JULY 9, 2014]—Cleargard Australia, a leading provider of glass protection, offers high-grade anti-graffiti films. The offering is part of the company’s commitment to help home and commercial property owners protect the most vulnerable points of their properties through their economical alternatives to glass and future replacements.

The Glass

Cleargard Australia says that their anti-graffiti films are not only engineered to protect glasses from acts of vandalism. Their films are also designed to cover up existing scratches. The glue that they use to lay the film onto the glass fills in the scratches. The scratches gradually disappear once they’re exposed to heat and sunlight.

The anti-graffiti films from Cleargard Australia have a double-UV protective coating in both the film and the adhesive. This allows the film to be installed on either side of the glass. Cleargard Australia claims that their films last longer that other products on the market when exposed to the harsh Australian sun.

Once installed, the anti-graffiti films are almost invisible. They require minimal cleaning, but the company discourages clients from using abrasive cleaning materials. Cleargard Australia says that their films are guaranteed never to discolour, bubble, or peel. The pre-installation tasks, such as cleaning, will be delegated to the installers.


According to Cleargard Australia, they have flexible pricing schemes to make sure that their products and services can be easily afforded. Their quotes can be arranged in 24 hours. The installation process, on the other hand, can take place within a few days.

About Cleargard Australia

Cleagard Australia is one of the leading providers of glass protection in Australia. The company provides high-quality and invincible film that can protect properties from break-ins, accidents, vandalism, and other defacing methods. Their film products work 24/7 without monitoring, electricity, locks, keys, on/off switches, ongoing fees, and maintenance, thus giving property owners complete peace of mind.The types of film they provide include: safety films, security films, solar protection films, decorative films, and anti-graffiti films. All the films they provide are sourced from Israel. They also offer scratch removal solutions.

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