Abby’s Jewelry Shop Listens to Your Jewelry Needs and Desires

Tulsa, Oklahoma – If your heart beats fast when you see antique Victorian-era cameo or if you find an Art Nouveau pastel enamel, possible even a retro 14-karat golden bracelet, then you are most likely a part of the increasing number of people who are interested in purchasing estate jewelry in Tulsa. Starting from its bold geometric shapes to the beautiful lacy romanticism of the Edwardian style, estate jewelry has a wide variety of choices for a jewelry enthusiast collection. They have very unique and uncommon designs by using different materials. You will often find these pieces being passed down in the family or being sold as second-hand jewelry.

Over the past decades, the public interest in estate jewelry has really heightened, increasing its sales at different auctions and retail jewelry stores nationwide. There are even television programs that are dedicated to show the audience antiques and collectibles to further fuel the interest of certain people on estate jewelry. The main definition of estate jewelry is that it was previous owned by someone else. But what it mainly features is the workmanship, high-quality stones, and one-of-a-kind pieces that you cannot see in your regular jewelry shop around the corner. They are also dubbed as “antiques” that must be more than 100 years old.

At Abby’s Jewelry Shop, they offer a wide and beautiful collection of estate jewelry in Tulsa. From beautiful and affordable engagement rings, wedding rings, necklaces, bracelets, and several others. You will definitely find something that will suit your preference and style. You can also have a piece of jewelry customized to how you want it and it can be done within your budget. With their experienced jewelers to give you exactly what you want at an unbeatable price, they will make your dream jewelry come true.

Nowadays, more people are choosing to have their jewelry personalized by engraving. This is normally used to complete a gift by making it more meaningful by placing your name, initials, or a heartfelt message for a loved one on your beautiful piece of jewelry. Their professional jewelers at Abby’s Jewelry Shop offer excellent engraving services whether it is on gold, silver, or platinum. This can be done for anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, graduations, sports awards, maternity, achievements, retirement, corporate awards, or religious ceremonies.


Not only do they have a beautiful collection of jewelry, but they also offer jewelry repair services. Their professional jewelers are always on location to take your order and, with their 35 years of experience, they can give their customers above and beyond repair services. You can drop by their Promenade location, and they will do on-the-spot repairs. They change, size, and repair all types of watches.


They fix low-quality watches up to high-quality brands such as Rolex. They can also change batteries for as low as $10 with the best battery brands. They warranty all batteries for up to a year with no extra charge. Other services they have include stone tightening, ring sizing, cleaning/polishing, chain repairs, stone replacements, mounting, crystal repair, crown & stem repair, watch overhauls, cleaning & inspection, water resistance tests, gasket replacement, among others.


You do not have to settle for the ordinary. Instead, you can insist for the finest craftsmanship and beauty of your jewelry styles that you can only find at Abby’s Jewelry Shop. Whether it is a gift for someone special, or a treat for yourself, their one-of-a-kind necklaces, bracelets, rings, and others will sure to dazzle you. They understand how valuable a piece of jewelry can be, especially if it has a deep meaning or representation. For this reason, they make their customers a priority and do not make them feel pressured in any way. They will listen your needs, and they will work around it. 

Whether it is their repair services or their wide ecollection of estate jewelry in Tulsa, their professional jewelers will be more than happy to assist you. You can browse their online shop of fine jewelry today to find something special or you can visit them at any of their locations at the Promenade mall. Since their business opened their second location, they offer 50% off to give their customers the best price in town. The benefit of having an on-the-spot jeweler at both locations is that you can get what you want as quickly as possible. For more information, contact Abby’s Jewelry Shop at 918-724-7358.