Refrigerated Container Hire

What ever things must be stored, a refrigerated container which is temperature controlled will ensure that the stored goods or things will stay in their ideal solution atmosphere. They may be temperature controlled to keep items frozen, chemical or lab samples warm or cold and drinks chilled.

Refrigerated containers are developed to store products that need temperature handle, and have a completely integrate refrigeration machine that's capable of maintaining temperatures between plus twenty-five degrees centigrade to minus twenty-five degrees centigrade. They may be lined with GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) or steel. To enable an sufficient air flow beneath the stored item, the flooring is "T "section.

Refrigeration units are obtainable in various sizes. They've typical attributes, and some of these will incorporate;

• Temperature range of 5 degrees Centigrade to - 25 degrees centigrade

• Low energy consumption

• Interior light an emergency interior light

• Lockable controls - tamper absolutely free

• Butchers doors with internal door release mechanism

• Outer doors for added safety

Quite a few refrigeration machines run on electricity and powered by a 380/440 3 phase provide along with a rating of 32 amps. Where three phases isn't available then containers which use single phase could be supplied or converted.

The containers might be supplied to accommodate all sorts of generate. Frozen containers are appropriate for cargo ranging from fresh generate for example semi-perishables, to ice cream that is really hard frozen.

Containers can be painted using the customers precise decals, and converted to run on common 240v single phase energy. Modifications might be made to suit a prospects requirement which can incorporate internal lighting or curtains.

Other varieties of container include things like portable blast freezers, container cold shops, pharmaceutical cold shops, mini mobile cold stores and meat rail transportable cold stores.

Transportable blast freezers are offered within a array of sizes to suit the shoppers needs;

• 10 kW: 60kW: 106 kW transportable blast freezers.

Refrigerated containers are out there for rental or acquire.

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