Top 5 Problem Solving Tips for Recruiters

Recruiters have a big responsibility. Without a staff made up of the right people, businesses have a hard time succeeding, and recruiters are the ones that businesses rely on to handle bringing in the right people. It takes a combination of good skills and tools to be an effective recruiter. In this list, we'll break down the top 5 ways recruiters can overcome the daily obstacles they face in their jobs and find and recruit the best talent available for their companies.

Make Sure Employers and Recruiters Have the Same Vision for the Position

To find the right people, recruiters need to have an accurate impression of the job they're hiring for. Good managers and good recruiters both need to have a strong image of the positions that need to be filled. If management and HR each have different visions, they will be working against each other instead of together. Before a hiring manager even begins sorting through applications, they should speak with the owner or department manager to make sure both understand what the other one is looking for.

Inform Potential Hires of What Is Expected of the Position

Just like hiring managers and managers need to have a shared idea of what a new hire needs in order to successfully fill an open position, it is the hiring manager's job to make sure that the people they interview understand exactly what the company is looking for. Simple job descriptions don't always tell the whole story. A recruiter needs to make sure that interviewees know not only the responsibilities of the job, but also the type of personality they should have, the kinds of people they will be working with, and the level of responsibility that will be asked of them.

Ask New and Interesting Questions

Recruiters often rely on stock interview questions, to the point that they have become clichés. "What can you bring to this job?" "What are your biggest faults?" "Where do you see yourself in five years?" All of these questions have become so expected that most interviewees already have standard, designed-to-please answers for them just from having answered them so many times before.

Instead try asking unexpected questions like:

·         "Which room in your house do you clean first and why?"

·         "Which superhero would you like to be?"

·         or even, "I'm not going to say anything – entertain me for five minutes"

Questions like these will catch the interview subject off guard and force them to give off-the-cuff answers, which will give you a much clearer image of their personality and whether or not they will fit into the job they are interviewing for.

Use Recruiting Software

Recruiters interview a lot of people, and need to keep track of all the information in an efficient manner to do their job properly. The best way to do that is to use applicant tracking software, which helps managers sort through applications, schedule interviews, and record their thought about each interview subject in an organized way. For the modern business, recruitment management software is an absolute necessity.

Create a Positive Work Environment

All the best interview questions and meetings to create a vision for a position won't solve a company's recruitment problems if that company isn't a fulfilling place to work. Interviewees will be able to size up the atmosphere of a workplace from the minute they arrive for their meeting with the hiring manager, and if they don't like what they see, they won't exactly be excited for the interview to go well. Jobs that have good benefits, wages, and a rewarding environment have a way of staffing themselves, and recruiters need to represent a company's positive image from the minute they first meet with a prospective employee.

By using these five steps during the hiring process, recruiters can do their job faster and more efficiently, while also getting better results for their companies.


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