“Collaboration Economy” A Book For Small Business Owners Going To Hit The Market From May 6th


Rancho Santa Margarita, CA (March 22, 2014) - Famous business development guru, John Spencer Ellis and reputed mass communication expert, Topher Morrison, the famous personalities have contributed together in writing a really fact oriented book on global economy, called Collaboration Economy. The book oriented to assist the small business owners is going to be available in the market from May 6, 2014.

Collaboration Economy is a book on business start ups, which has observed that small businesses are emerging in the country in millions and playing a very important role in the national as well as global economy. Readers can also avail an optional bonus bundle, which offers, updated SEO training, free video training, Marketing information, a weekend seminar on  “The Mental Game of Life” etc.

“Collaboration Economy: Eliminate the Competition by Creating Partnership Opportunities” is expected to be a great resource not the exiting and upcoming entrepreneurs. The authors have made the pre-press edition of the book available for facilitating the readers! This home business book would be charged at USD 14.95.

John Ellis, the author himself feels, “The collaboration economy is happening right now and will continue to happen for the next several years.” Added to this, he comments, “This book addresses businesses of all types and all sizes. You will learn how to become that person who has that magnetism because of all the value you can bring.”

The book on small business has been written up after going through the detailing of the industry. The authors went on coordinating with the industry experts for a wider view, while writing this effective price of writing. This is not only one of those books on starting a small business, it’s also highlights the opportunities of the business owners and hoe he or she can play a considerable role in the stock market. The online business start up book comes up with many expert interviews for facilitating the readers with a broader prospective.  

According to Morrison, “This book is all about the best ways to maximize methods of collaboration and it will help you position yourself differently in your business so that you become the hunter rather than the hunted.” He further comments, ““Rather than everyone seeing everyone else as competition, small business owners are realizing that if they lock arms and collaborate together, everyone benefits.”

The incredible marketing book for small business has earned significant market reviews. Yanik Silver, the founder of Maverick 1000 feels, “Business in the 21st century is no longer a zero-sum game where the winner takes all. The new leaders will be those who activate and thrive in the global collaboration economy.”

About collaboration economy:
John Spencer Ellis Enterprises and Topher Morrison has written amazing book on global economy. This book will be available from May 6, 2014. For more information please visit

John Spencer Ellis and Topher Morrison