Men’s 2015 Summer Style Tips for Staying on Trend

Summer is in full-swing, and while one might be inclined to shred the pre-season layers by donning a comfy tank and gym shorts, following this season’s fashion trends is essential for guys who want to stand out, define their personality, and maybe even catch few looks from the ladies. Whether you’re attending a backyard BBQ in your go-to chino shorts or hitting a posh rooftop party with your cool cufflinks, this summer style guide will ensure you stay looking your best all season long.

Key Trends

Bold statement stripes and layers of denim-on-denim have been two of the most primary elements in men’s fashion for quite some time, and they aren’t going away anytime soon. Skinnier men should opt for horizontal stripes on t-shirts and polos, while larger body types fare best with vertical stripes to accentuate height. Couple this look with a pair of rolled-up jeans and denim overshirt, and you’ll be ready to hit the town with something that works for a variety occasions both day and night. Best of all, these mainstay trends will easily carry over to other outfits well after the season has ended.


Nautical is the name of the game this summer, so look for green and blue pieces that highlight your skin tone. Avoid overdoing it with too much color by mixing your blues and greens with whites and light grays. If blue and green just isn’t your thing, red is also a popular color for the season. Both light and dark blues often pair well with many shades of red so you can combine the best of both worlds.


Do away with drab by adding a little variety to your pattern palette. Statement floral patterns remain a popular choice for men, as well as printed tees with large block patterns for adding a bit of character. Find something that works well for your particular mindset. Guys who prefer a classic or traditional look should choose smaller, more subtle prints, while big personalities should go for bold colors and large graphics.


Baggy is officially back, and it’s never been a better time in the midst of summer’s sweltering heat. When it comes to loose and comfortable clothing, there’s a fine line between looking fashionable and looking careless. Make an investment in high-fashion items by seeking out shorts or trousers composed of lighter materials and wider cuts that slim down around the lower half of your legs. Keep your eyes peeled for bottoms that offer a pleated waist when selecting something more formal, and consider shorts with drop-crotch tailoring for some of your more casual gear.


Complete your look with cool men’s bracelets or necklaces that speak to your personal aesthetic. Find statement pieces that complement your clothes. A relaxed, athletic look calls for something more toned-down, while something suave and dressy requires an accessory that is equally ornate. An important rule when it comes to jewelry: less is always more. Pick one or two of your favorite pieces and leave the rest at home to maintain a sense of ease.

Now that you know what to look for, you can mix and match many of these trends throughout the summer season. Your inner state is always reflected outwardly, so you want to make sure that your clothing represents your overall attitude. And, when it comes to taking pride in your personal appearance, the benefits are numerous. You will feel more confident and make a great first impression when meeting new people. 

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