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All things green and eco-friendly have been the rage of late, and with new home owners opting for tiny mobile homes that allow them to stay mobile and eco-friendly while slashing down bills to a fraction of their original cost, it’s a no-brainer why tiny homes are the new hip thing. Kia Shaw of All Things Tiny Home has created a new and refreshing website with all sorts of home finishing ideas from furniture, to optimizing space and everything in between.

One of the biggest fears about owning a tiny home is not having enough space to live comfortably. More and more tiny home owners are beginning to prove that such is not the case. Shaw’s website features a slew of DIY projects that include installing beautiful windows, toilets (bathrooms) and even gutters. The finished product is always a gorgeous living space that one would be more than happy to show off to friends and family.

“People are afraid of tiny homes because they are often seen as needing more work than a normal home or being less attractive simply because they are a fraction of the size of a normal home—All Things Tiny Home redefines what people think when they think of tiny homes and shows those who are interested that they can create or update their tiny home any way they choose,” Shaw states.

In fact, tiny homes require significantly less work than regular homes do. Although they are more compact they are more effective when it comes to maintaining a clean home and affordable space. When it comes to size, it should be mentioned that a person won’t be able to have a walk-in closet full of clothes and shoes and if they have a pet the tiny home should be built to accommodate them—especially if they are large animals.

Much like regular sized homes, tiny homes require plumbing and electricity which must stay up to regulation and optimal in order to be able to move around the country—or even stay in place for that matter. Shaw keeps high standards in mind at the new All Things Tiny Home website proving that anyone can have a tiny home and live in a beautiful and comfortable space at the same time.

“All Things Tiny Home is about making living in (and constructing) tiny homes fun and exciting. At All Things Tiny Home we believe that tiny homes should be beautiful and cost effective— at our website, we are constantly giving new ways to do just that.”

About the Company was created by Kia Shaw in 2016 in an effort to explore the tiny home market and lifestyle. We employ three bloggers and are located in Chicago, IL.

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