National Internet Tax Services Offers 100% Money Back Guarantee on IRS Wage Levy Release

National Internet Tax Services, one of the most popular US tax professionals now offers release from IRS wage levies and garnishments. The company also provides 100 percent fee back guarantee in case the release is not provided. Wage levy is a method through which IRS can withhold salaries or wages of liable taxpayers to satisfy its taxes. Currently, National Internet Services provides releases from such levies in just 3-5 days.

The spokesperson elaborated about IRS Wage Levy and said, “IRS can exercise absolute power through the use of levies. The government of US gives IRS the power to levy on wages, free bank accounts or properties for satisfying a tax liability. This means that if you have not paid your taxes or refused to acknowledge repeated requests, then IRS can freeze your bank accounts and instruct the employers to deduct your wages. It can even sell your private property without going to the court. We provide releases from such levies and garnishments, by negotiating with the IRS and reaching at an agreement, where you pay the taxes partly each month and IRS levies your wages or unfreezes your accounts and properties.”

Filing tax returns and extensions since 1999, National Internet Tax Services provides release from IRS Wage levy in just three to five days. The tax professional also provides a 100 percent money back guarantee in case levies aren’t released. The overall rates for releases include $1,195 for IRS wage levy. This includes IRS Monthly installment agreement, payment arrangement for the client along with a non collectible status negotiation. Another wage levy service or the combination service is billed at $1, 495, which offers double benefits than the first option. The company also offers tax return preparation services from a professional, which starts at $250.

National Internet Tax Services also offer wage levy prevention scheme, which caters to a range of clients who fear a levy and need prevention release. The company also provides attorney services at additional charges. These services are provided for 24 months and charged at $195.

The spokesperson added, “Most of the times, people who are levied for wages are unintentional offenders. They don’t pay heed to notices from the IRS and consequently, they are levied. In such cases, they must immediately take action and choose IRS levy release services to ensure that things don’t go out of hand.”

About National Internet Tax Services

National Internet Tax Services’ website is committed at providing tax levy releases in three to five days. The organization offers different fee plans for defendants and provides release agreements and payment arrangements by negotiating with the IRS.

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