Winterfest 2016

What: Winterfest 2016 is the largest gathering of Venture Crews and Explorers in the U.S. It gives teens a chance to compete in various team building events and social activities.

When / Where:  Friday, Feb. 12- Sun. 14, 2016 (leave by 9:30 AM Fri., back by 3pm Sunday) in Gatlinburg TN

Who:  Crew 77 members, parents, advisors and interested crew members age 13 – 20.

Why:   Team building, meeting new people and learning how other Crews do things… oh yeah… and having FUN!

Crew 77 Advisors Mitch and Karen Leff are leading a group of Crew members to this fantastic event in Gatlinburg, during the February 12 - 15 DeKalb County school break (no school Friday/Monday).

Activities include:

  • Ultimate Frisbee, Dodge Ball, and Basketball, Urban Orienteering, Engineering Design, team competitions
  • Aquatic challenges, cardboard box regatta, heaving line, knot tying relay
  • Non-competitive events, like archery, rappelling, flying squirrel (body harness flying) roundtables
  • Individual events like: shooting, bouldering, air rifle shooting, caving, crab cage caving
  • Closing Dance,  Saturday night  (not mandatory)

Check out for a full list of activities, or go to their Facebook page, BSA Winterfest, to see some great photos and videos of the activities and competitions.

Logistics and Costs:

  • We have secured reservations for several rooms at the Edgewater Hotel and Conference Center, which is just a short walk to the convention center where most of the activities will take place.
  • We will need at least one other male and female to help with chaperoning. Please let Karen or Mitch know if you would like to attend.
  • The cost of the two day trip will be approximately $200 for the teens.  Exact total will come after we get solid commitments by December 6th.  Deposit of $125 will be needed by then. (This will cover all up-front fees for youth, adults deposit will be different.)

  1. Hotel ($90 per room, cost will depend on how many people go, planning on 4 per room); hot breakfast included. Has indoor swimming pool.
  2. Gas (may take cars or church bus, again will depend on #s) $20 approx.
  3. 45 Crew Registration fee (if paid by Jan. 15).  Adults and siblings under 13 pay $10 to attend events.
  4. $60 cash for 3 lunches/2 dinners (kids can bring snacks/drinks in cooler, fridge & microwaves  in rooms).
  5. Elective expense: $26 for night time zip lining above Gatlinburg, Friday night. (must pre-pay this)

 Get talking now, and make your plans to attend this great weekend!  Please let us know if you plan to attend, by Nov. 18th. We’ll need $125 deposit by Dec. 6th