Brand Awareness With The Use Of Popular Search Ads

Advertising for a company can be done either ways- online or offline methods and if both are used together, then there should a campaign which ensures that both are in sync. It is best to follow a theme so that both the ways, the same message goes across to the customers. For the online method, there is the use of search advertising which depends on the number of clicks and conversions. Google decided to do a quick test on how these search ads will influence the brand awareness of the product and you will be surprised to see these results.

Framework of the study:

Google collaborated with Ipsos MediaCT and conducted 60 experiments with the main aim of understanding how these search ads affect the awareness of the brand among customers. The period of study was 2013 and samples were collected accordingly from that time period. 800 customers from the US participated and gave their valuable feedback through a number of experiments. The customer was asked to search for a keyword category with the results either being a control SERP or a test SERP which had 12categories of products and services. The results showed that 14% of the respondents in the test group mentioned the name of the test brand and 8% of the control group respondents gave the same brand name. According to the interpretation of these results, it was seen that there was an eighty percent increase in the top of the mind awareness. The results to all the experiments rated diversely. For the auto and business to business lines there was a 9% increase, for the CPG there was an eight percent lift and the retail line saw the least level of increase. As an extension of the experiment, when the respondents were asked to mention 4 brand names which were related to their search query, there was an increase of about 9.2 percent on an average rating. A whopping 27 percent respondents showed unaided awareness and the results were close for the control group with a good 17.5%.

Interpretation for the marketing professionals:

As the main aim of these search ads was being brand awareness, it is duly fulfilling. There is positive impact seen in the experiment results. The most important aspect that one has to consider is that of cost of placing these ads. When compared to the traditional methods of advertising, this is a more cost effective method. On a conclusive note, the study makes suggestions to the marketing professionals about the effective usage of these search ads. If you are looking to connect to more number of customers, then category keywords should be used because these customers are in the purchasing process. Use of images and designs to set your ad apart from the rest of them will ensure that it is noticed. It should be noted that this method is used for purposes other than driving conversions. This opportunity should be exploited well.

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