Dubois Museum: Embedded Bighorn Sheep Horns

The Dubois Museum: Wind River Historical Center in Dubois Wyoming is pleased to announce the addition of a rare artifact to the Museum's exhibits for the next year.  A set of Bighorn sheep horns that have been embedded into a tree has been loaned to the Dubois Museum by a private donor.  There are only a handful of documented finds of this nature and now the Dubois Museum has two sets on exhibit. This set was discovered in 1926 north of Dubois, WY in the Wind River Mountains.

What are embedded horns?  The horns were placed in the forks of a tree when the tree was still growing and over many years the tree grew around the horns until it became a permanent part of the tree.  There are different theories as to why they were placed in the tree, visit the Dubois Museum and decide for yourself.