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It is imperative to apply different strategies to different target groups as they are different in their attitudes towards car purchasing and retailing. The 4S model needs to change if it is to remain competitive in this ever changing market environment, where online purchasing is starting to emerge as a viable sales channel. 

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  • Definition
  • Report structure
  • Methodology
  • Abbreviations

Executive Summary

  • The market
  • Forecast
  • Figure 1: Forecast – volume sales of new cars, 2008-18
  • Figure 2: Forecast – volume sales of used cars, 2008-18
  • Car market in 2013
  • Figure 3: Car volume sales, by new cars, 2008-13
  • Figure 4: Car volume sales, by used cars, 2008-13
  • SUVs grew strongly to become the second largest car segment
  • Figure 5: Share of Car volume sales, by segment of passenger cars, 2008-13
  • Alternative-fuel cars still in infancy
  • German makers further extend their lead among international brands
  • Figure 6: Market share of passenger cars by volume, by car origins, 2010-13
  • Multinational joint ventures dominate
  • Figure 7: Market share of top ten passenger car manufacturers by volume, by passenger cars, 2013
  • Market drivers and barriers
  • Retail Channels
  • Car retailing development trends

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