Killer On Page Techniques to Rank First Page in 2016

Whenever we think of SEO of our website or a blog post, there are two basic things that need to be taken into consideration. These are namely Off page techniques and On page SEO techniques. Both of these play an important part in SEO. We will focus on the on page SEO secrets in this particular blog. CRB Tech would present before you some of them.

Before that, we must remember one thing that on page SEO optimization and on site SEO optimization are two different things. Prior to sharing the techniques with you, we would like to mention here some non technical part related to this which you can implement today.

• Enrich user experience

• Include benefit driven sub headings on the page to make content more attractive.

• In case of lengthy content, implement the bucket brigade copy-writing technique to reduce the bounce rate.

Make sure that viewers coming through a search on your page, do not click the back button instantly. In that case the page ranking would drop drastically.

Now we move on to the on page optimization factors:

1. Keyword Density:

LSI keywords should be mixed and the ideal keyword density value is 1.5%. As far as the main keyword or the primary keyword is concerned, do not forget to use it in the first para itself, and in the last one as well. Use it regularly in the blog content as well. Highlight the keywords in your blog using italic, bold or underline. All this becomes a part of the keyword optimization in 2016.

2. Heading Tags:

Heading tags optimization is also an important thing as far as on page activity is concerned. Make optimum use of various heading tags like <h1>, <h3> etc. to highlight the various headings used in the blog. Also, to mark certain text. In wordpress , h1 tag is used as the title tag. It is also advised not to make use of h2 and h3 tags repeatedly. This is considered as a negative SEO practice.

3. Interlinking:

Link to the related blog posts, in order to send additional traffic and rank towards them. Interlinking enables users to be there on your blog for more time. But overdoing it is really bad. Anchor text rich in keyword should be used for letting your linking posts perform better on Google and other search engines.

4. Use of Images:

Image optimization basically helps to drive traffic from the image search activity. Alt text present in the image and it’s title makes wonders as it changes your blog post to be focus and targeted. Integrating more images makes your page attractive and interesting. Choose small size images as far as possible. Because, larger images would increase your loading time. Finally, it would hamper your rankings.

5. Engaging Content:

Engaging content is a must. No escape for that. It should serve as a detailed manual for the targeted keywords. Try out various ways that would keep your viewers hooked up to your blog content. Make the content interactive, say for example ask questions, take opinions etc. Else, user would not stay glued to your blog and the bounce rate would rise. This would be a negative factor for your blog.

To Summarize, here are a few more tips:

• Meta tags title should be less than 65 characters.

• Meta tags description is expected to be less than 150 characters.

• Not more than one h1 tag on a page.

• Make use of long tailed keywords.

• To conclude, you can advise users to take some action.

• More lengthy the content, the better it is.

• Add multi-media as well (that includes video, infographics etc.)

• Page loading time is an important factor to monitor.

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