A Fund Raising Initiative To Support The Story Of Peter


Portsmouth, VA (June 11, 2014) - Every single fund raising campaign has a mission. Even a few years back all such used to take place physically but in today’s time it is way easier to organize a campaign and to get the best out of it.

Such a fund raising campaign has recently come up on with a very unique thought, which is anyway highly helpful for that society and gratitude of a brother to his brother, Peter who had a premature death. The brother wants to make a documentary on that premature death and so has called for a fund raising campaign.

The main purpose of this fundraising campaign is to bring forward the story of Peter and let people know how he died at a premature age and thus let people know how to deal with MRSA.

In this fund raising campaign they have arranged a number of rewards for the donors. People, who donate 1 dollar, are sure to feel good because of contributing in a noble mission. For contributing 5 USD, people can get warm thanks and recognition over Facebook. Against 10 and 25 USD dollars people will be provided with digital download and official DVD of the documentary.  

People are heartily requested to donate as per their capacity in order to make this event a great success and this is why; the team has come up with some more super exciting offers. If someone contributes 100 USD the person is offered personalized post cards by the directors in order to retrace the path of last seven years of Peter’s life.

This is not all. They encourage people to contribute in this campaign even more in order to get more involved with the project. Against 500 USD, they offer Skype chatting facility with the crew members. Through this, the donor can share moments of this documentary with the director as well as the crew.

The most mention worthy reward offered by the team is, one can become the associate producer of this documentary by contributing 1000 USD. This is shocking, yet true. So long people were only getting involved to share various moments of this film, but now they can bring about their thoughts and suggestion to make it a popular one. Against a contribution of 1500 USD people can afford 2 VIP tickets as the premier pass of the documentary.

About the Campaign:
This is a campaign done in order to gather fund for a documentary. The documentary speaks about the premature death of a young heart. To know more please visit

Matt Judkins