Proper care and training is very important in case you own a dog. It not only makes your dog smart and obedient, but also builds a strong bond between the two of you. People often get confused with a fact that the dogs which are rigorously trained become dangerous. This is a total misconception. On the contrary, the dogs become well behaved and harmless. There are a lot of different techniques that are properly followed by the dog training schools in order to train the dogs.

The first and the most basic step are to train the dog on his behavior. Here the dogs are taught about how they should behave with the other dogs and the humans. With the help of this, the dogs behave properly with the strangers and also live obediently in the house.

The next thing that is done after this step is dedicated towards making your dog obedient. Here the dogs are taught to respond to certain types of voices and the movements of hands and legs. Hence their judgment skills are developed.

Activity training is another important type of the dog training. When the dog is capable of understanding several commands and gestures this type of training is started. It is made sure that the dogs listen to the commanders and do several tasks. These activities include hunting the prey, searching several things, rescuing others, jumping to and from big heights etc. it is generally seen that these types of training tasks are enjoyed by every dog irrespective of their breed and age.

The breed of a dog plays a very important role in beginning his training process. Some breeds tend to learn quickly and are very responsive while the others may take a little longer. Every dog irrespective of its breed can be trained. The only difference lies in the time span of training as well as the level of the training. One task at a time is taught to the dogs and hence the sessions are generally of short duration. The trainers don’t move to the next task until and unless a dog is perfectly trained in the one which is currently going.

Distractions can hinder the proper dog training. Just in order to avoid this, it is made sure that the dogs are trained at places where there is least distraction. Focus and concentration is as important for the dogs as it is for humans. This entire process makes your pet much friendlier and better companion for you.

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