The Elder Scrolls Online Let Player be One City Emperor

Whether you played with the single machine series, all of the new game is to create a question - is it fun? You can pass this general situation of the general idea about the game.


The Elder Scrolls Online describes 1000 years ago the world before "the elder scrolls 5: Skyrim”. Captured in the game, the players of the soul in search of one's own soul, at the same time to prevent the enemy to conquer the mainland, began to adventure. In "the elder scrolls OL", related quests will be 100% are single task. It is reported, this is to embody the special series of tasks. Game makers believe that the true heroes of the elder scrolls OL are the players themselves. Therefore, when the players complete quests in the game, they may not need to wait for the monster refreshing. It can be said that in the early period of the game content is given priority to with PVE plot, to the late PVP is the main game play.

In order to occupy the city and war will be one of final content in the elder scrolls OL. Game, players want to be in one out of three forces against enemy ready to conquer the continent for right as well as ESO gold. Among them, to the three forces combat, the empire at the center of the city was set to RVR space. Players and players can belong to the forces of occupation related areas of mines and cities, farms, etc. The fun would be to around the city and the siege.

"The elder scrolls OL" siege, support 100 players to participate in each power. In the process of the siege, each force and two other hostile forces in battle, and also occupy the city. It is reported, will also appear in the siege slings and siege weapons. And successful occupation forces will be able to get of the city and a benefit such as The Elder Scrolls Online Gold. At the same time, if the player's forces occupied the city, the players have a chance when the emperor. After the siege, for maximum performance in the field of players will become the emperor.


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