ATV Loans from Utah Money Center

Utah Money Center, the trustworthy loan provider in Utah, offers ATV loans. Through this service, customers can enjoy a loan amounting to as much as 75% of the vehicle’s value – without any frills or hassles.

[West Jordan, June 3, 2014] – Utah Money Center, the Beehive State’s premier provider of signature and title loans, expands its services to include ATV loans. This service gives customers the license to acquire a decent amount of cash without a lot of trouble and for minimal interest.

Amount and requirements

Utah Money Center ensures that its customers get the most out of their services. For this reason, they have made the ATV title loan deal capable of lending as much as 75% of the total value of the vehicle to be used as collateral. For example, an ATV estimated to be at $12,000 qualifies the borrower for a loan as high as $9,000.

The lender takes hold of the ATV, which provides customers the opportunity to store the vehicle someplace else when the season is not highly suitable for a quick ride on it. As Utah Money Center handles the vehicle, clients can be sure of the care the company would provide in the safekeeping of the asset.

As for the requirements for such an application, Utah Money Center has decided to make it easy for its clientele. All the company needs is the ATV itself and its clean title – which means there is no other lien holder for it – to process the title loan.

Quick, three-step process

In line with making the process easy, Utah Money Center has enumerated three basic steps to apply for an ATV loan.

Step one begins with a short application form designed to obtain basic and financial information about the applicant. Customers have the option of filling out the form online, but they are also welcome to call Utah Money Center and provide the necessary information over the phone.

For the second step, the applicant has to visit the store and provide a few simple things to start the application. With such a short list of requirements, clients normally finish the procedure in a total of 20 minutes or less. 

After this step, all that clients have left to do is to receive the money.

About Utah Money Center

Utah Money Center is a locally grown company that has been helping residents of the Beehive State in their financial needs since 2005. With four branches across the state, Utah Money Center serves as the go-to place of Utah residents in finding a loan for any financial difficulty.

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