How to claim your refer a friend bonus with IndoRummy

Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between two or more people. It is a stronger form of interpersonal bond than an association. “Refer a Friend" as the name indicates an exciting way to invite your friends and relatives to a community. Referring a friend is a great way for apprise to familiarize their friend about some good opportunity with well wishing mind. is an online gaming website that caters to the needs of all rummy players. They are providing a platform to play 13-card Indian Rummy online. This is the only site that appreciates and grants cash for the good intentions of their player. It has a best promotion titled refer a friend that provides cash bonus for referring their friend.

A registered player of Indian Rummy can refer his friend or relatives who therefore will be called as the referrer and the referred person will be called as the Referee.

The player will receive a Rs. 500 Cash Bonus after the successful registration by the Referee. The Referrer will receive an additional Rs. 500 after the friend makes his or her first deposit.

The site as two cash options namely real chips and practice chips to play real game for bet and for practicing games respectively.

IndoRummy maintaining two virtual accounts, namely "Pending" and "claim". The Bonus received through this promotion will be added to the "Pending" account. Based on the player's wagering amount, the Cash Bonus from that account will be released to the "claim" account.

For the wagering of every Rs. 300, a Cash Bonus of Rs. 100 will be released from the "Pending" account to the "claim" account. For example if the player wagers Rs. 300 in a cash game, Rs. 100 will be released to the available one. The player can also convert the claim bonus amount to Real chip. If the Real chip is not wagered, the Bonus Amount in Pending Bonus will expire as per the date mentioned in "Bonus Expires On" column.

After successful wagering, the Bonus Type with the earliest expiry date will be released first. Cash bonus cannot be withdrawn; instead, they can use this bonus to play games. One may, however, withdraw the amount won by playing cash games even when using this bonus to play. All bonuses are valid for a period of 30 days.

The site also has an awesome price that makes a player to take home a stunning bike! The top five players who successfully refer the highest number of players to will be rewarded with as splendid bike worth of 50,000 rupees. The referred players must make a cash deposit at least once for the referring player to become eligible for this reward.

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