Retirement Advisor And Insurance Specialist Gary Marriage, Jr. Protects Assets From Risks As “People’s Hero”

CEO of Nature Coast Financial – An Author, Mentor and Renowned Speaker – Takes Team Approach To Providing an Array of Services For Clients in 17 States

Crystal River, FL – April 14, 2015 - Now a successful, multi-faceted retirement advisor and insurance specialist serving several thousand clients in his home region around Crystal River, FL and 17 states nationwide, Gary Marriage, Jr. secured his license in 2005 and became an advisor at a major company.

The self-motivated Gary did so well so quickly – he was one of the fastest growing advisors in the company’s history - that within eight months he was hiring advisors to work under his tutelage and teaching them how to grow their practices and clientele.

And then, less than a year into his meteoric rise, he quit. Frustrated by the limitations of being a “captive advisor” working for a major company and only pushing their products, he quit to launch his own multi-service financial firm, Nature Coast Financial.

Gary says, “You know how you jump on Google to find an array of information? I wanted to be Google for my clients, offering everything that was available to create customized strategies to protect their assets from the many risks out there.”

Over the years, Gary has helped thousands of retirees and pre-retirees develop stable plans to ensure their savings will work and be there for them when they need it. Unlike some advisors who focus exclusively on the retirement demographic, Gary also specializes in planning for younger high net worth individuals such as athletes, celebrities and business owners. He designs plans to drastically increase their estate size, while reducing their net worth from future excess taxation – giving them a choice between being “taxed up front on the seed, or later on the harvest.”

Because he humbly believes that a single person like him simply cannot have all the education, knowledge and experience to fully serve a diversified clientele, he has from the start favored “The Team” approach. Complementing his expertise on planning and taxes, he works with several top local and national attorneys and CPAs – which he dubs “professionals outside my jurisdiction or expertise” – to help clients with deeper issues related to taxes, trusts, wills and other elements that come together to create the perfect financial strategy.

Throughout the year in Florida, Nature Coast Financial holds public and client financial/educational events. On a national level, Gary educates groups and various organizations at several prominent financial and real estate conventions – and in June of 2015 he is scheduled to speak at the Florida Institute of CPA’s conference at Disney World. In addition, he mentors other financial advisors on how they can grow their practice.

In 2014, Gary expanded his influence by becoming a best-selling author, joining today’s leading entrepreneurs and professionals to co-author (with Steve Forbes) “SuccessOnomics: Learn the Secrets of Success in the New Economy from Today’s Leading Entrepreneurs & Professionals.”

In addition to being a featured guest on local and national TV, radio and in print publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, CBS, NBC and Fox Business, Gary is also serving as Executive Producer on the upcoming documentary film “Armonia,” created with the non-profit Armonia U.S. Inc, which supports programs abroad that are committed to working with the poor to bring about Christian transformation, empowerment and a better life.

A family man devoted to his wife Jennifer and one year old son Mason, and an avid outdoorsman who loves fishing, diving, attending football games and golfing, Gary is also very involved in his own community. A large contributor to the local YMCA and Make-A-Wish Foundation, he has also worked with the American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, Wounded Warriors, National Wildlife & Turkey Federation, Relay for Life, and others. 

Beyond offering important traditional financial services like IRA Planning, Estate Planning, Tax Reduction and helping retirees decide the best time to activate their Social Security Benefits, Nature Coast Financial is also heavily involved in helping secure Veteran Benefits.

“I like to say that the best part of my job is that I help people every day and I get paid to do it…I get paid to be people’s hero,” he says. “I love it when they say, ‘I wish I had met you sooner.’ That means that I’m making a substantial difference in their lives.”

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