electric faucet industry a common problem

Electric Cheap Taps UK slightly on some understanding friends may know : According to the national CCC standard, electric faucet must use disposable products overheating protection fuse , referred to as " thermal protection " , also called fuse, mainly from anti-dry protection, when the machine fuse cut off power automatically when the operating temperature abnormal to protect the personal and property safety of consumers .

Cause thermal protection fuse many Antique Taps , such as dry heating , water, water flow down a small continuous high temperature , high off the water after the sweltering cause so , in fact, are related with the temperature . China 's vast territory , using a variety of different people have, while the frequency of use of the product is relatively high , so if the ratio of the thermal protection too bad , then it will have a significant impact on the quality of products, and hinder the development of the industry to become is a common problem !

Thus, some Waterfall Taps simply cancel the insurance without heat or using automatic reset thermostat to replace the thermal protection, this is extremely unprofessional and extremely irresponsible , or the consequences of doing so is not a bad product , it is a bad may cause the machine to burn , causing severe fire and other safety hazards , and its products also pass the national CCC certification . Maybe someone will think that the use of automatic reset thermostat seems to be good, the temperature is too high , the thermostat will automatically cut off the circuit , and then the temperature down , the thermostat will then automatically closed circuit , this product is very safe for you? But in fact can be automatically reset thermostat overtemperature protection from the effects just do not have the anti-dry protection , imagine the thermostat automatically reset cycle , it is very dry in the event of failure may occur , and also very likely duplication of effort caused by the secondary dry only by a one-time fuse to ensure safety, and therefore can reset the thermostat alone can not completely replace the thermal Bathroom Sink Taps .

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