Launching a Unique Way to Sanitize Playground Equipment and Surfacing

Smart Way to Keep the Playgrounds Sanitized and Safe for Kids

NEW MILFORD, CONNECTICUT – 1st JULY 2014 – Trassig launches a smart product to keep playground equipment and surfacing sanitized always. The WYSIWASH Sanitizer-V comes with an applicator and an all new Flow Control Valve which is very easy to use. Playground equipment and  surfaces can now be cleaned and sanitized more often that too with great results. The applicator simply needs to be connected to the hose and spray. Everything is automatic here and users need not worry about the cleanser dispensing. The kit comes with an applicator and 9 capsules. The capsules are fully loaded and each capsule lasts for 3 hours of continuous spray.

The system can sanitize the playground surfaces and the equipment in the most effective manner. It can also sanitize  poured in place rubber, rubber tiles, shredded rubber, synthetic turf, etc. effectively. The WYSIWASH sanitizer is an excellent cleaning solution. It operates on any standard garden hose. The patented chlorine delivery system is used with solid calcium hypochlorite caplets. They completely dissolve in water and offer highest sanitation results. The Wysiwash system need not be mixed with other chemicals; it is non corrosive; non hazardous; cost effective; portable and can be stored; and no risk of harmful residues on the sanitized areas.

This product is the most affordable and beneficial sanitizer currently available. There is absolutely no risk of environmental pollutants, no hazardous materials and no spillage involved with this product. The Hypochlorous acid present in the capsules is very effective in fighting the most dangerous bacteria, viruses, pathogens, fungi, protozoa, etc. It is 80 to 120 times more effective than other bleaching solutions that are most commonly used. The simple use of this product helps users avoid a lot of maintenance problems such as additional cleaning up or rinsing. Users may wish to sanitize a particular area or the entire surface on a regular basis so as to keep the playgrounds sanitized and safe for kids.

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