AntiGravity Fitness Offers Programs for Kids

AntiGravity Fitness, one of New York’s leading fitness brands, offers comprehensive programs for kids. This particular program is led by certified professional trainers.

[NEW YORK, NY, March 25, 2014]—AntiGravity Fitness, a leading name when it comes to the unique combination of yoga and aerial arts, now offers comprehensive programs for kids. This is part of the company’s commitment to let everyone experience the wonders of aerial yoga, especially the children who are consumed by consumer electronics and entertainment devices.

The Program

The program is one of a kind offering from the company that mainly focuses on the well-being of adults. The course provides learners with more than 75 original poses and sequences that also delve into the imaginative aspects of children.

The program has two parts, all validated by the AntiGravity Digital Academy and are led by a certified instructor. The first part involves the child, the parents, or the caregivers. This part of the program focuses on bonding techniques to explore the wonders of flight. The parent or the caregiver, on the other hand, is to carry out techniques that will promote core strength and stretching skills.

The second part of the program focuses on themed tricks for kids. It includes exercises and mastery of spinning, stretching, gripping, inverting, and swinging. These methods are geared towards the refinement of a child’s vestibular system. Trainers are expert in verbal cueing and games that will make every session fun.

Program for Those Who Want to Teach

AntiGravity Fitness offers teaching program for those who want to teach kids the basics of aerial yoga. Cost of certification is $1,750. The initial validity of the certification is 12 months, and renewal is required every 12 months.

About AntiGravity Fitness

AntiGravity Fitness is a leading fitness center in New York that offers training and routine workouts centrally based on aerial yoga. All routines and practices are the brainchild of Christopher Calvin Harrison, a worldwide talent when it comes to developing, directing, and performing aerial arts. The center started out as a collective of gymnastic professionals who intended to continue their practice after their prime years in the sport. The company also provides formal training programs for those who want to teach the craft.

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